We Create A Lead Generation Strategy to Keep You Busy!

Our Team of Marketing Experts Can Help!

  • Develop a custom Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Linkedin marketing strategies.
  • Create and post to Facebook daily
  • Run world-class Facebook contests and sweepstakes
  • Manage Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Create/setup New ad campaign (Facebook + Instagram)
  • 2020 Latest CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) Strategies & Sales Funnel
  • Optimize Old ad Campaign
  • Target Audience by Demographics, Interests or Behaviours
  • Target lookalike Audiences
  • Installation of Facebook Pixel
  • Precise Re-Targeting & Lookalike Audience

Social Media Services Overview 

Our social media management team of writers, designers and advertisers will work with your business to plan, develop, implement and manage a custom social media strategy.

Strategy & Roadmap.

We will create and implement a social media marketing and/or advertising strategy that can be evaluated with measurable ROI based on your business goals..

Grow and Engage your Fanbase

We will grow your Fan base, engage with your fans, cross promote your social network channels, and drive your Fans and to your website. Our goal is to help generate business through qualified leads and increased conversions.



Our team will also has the ability to do everything from setup and design/redesign to profile setup and website integration. And follow it up with Local Search Engine Optimization.

Track & Report Results

We will track your Social Media campaigns and report the results monthly so you can evaluate the success of each campaign.


Case Studies

PJ’s Furniture 


Retail is becoming the hardest segment to advertise from. There are so many stages to get to the sale and so much competition to deal with along the way. Manufacturers rarely give territory rights so you quite possibly sell similar product to your competition and this erodes away profit margins. Our Marketing Campaign consisted of a High Impact Attack as we had a deadline so we incorporated several channels to get traffic in the door and maintain traffic for the length of the sale while keeping margins higher than typical business.

50 likes + 2000 added to the Fan Base • 2k+ Reviews


We had a conservative budget to work with and a deadline as the store was closing. We had to be monitor our ads, our ad spend and our traffic constantly. Constant communication with the owners gave us great direction and we ended the campaign early, below budget, and our customers were completely out of inventory. Great Success for Both Teams!


‘We really had a ‘Gunshot Sale‘ when our Landlord refused to renew our lease after 15+ years in business. Our Goal for Running a Promotion through a Marketing Strategist was to maximize our traffic and honestly, we needed the extra help so we could focus on the operations. Rob’s low pressure approach and obvious love for marketing won us over. Dealing with the Hotwash.biz team totally exceeded our expectations. We should have done it sooner as we learned a lot and started to realize we had some bad habits regarding our own beliefs in Marketing. I still remember our first conversation where we worked through the costs and Rob insisted that we were selling too low and our expectation for advertising costs was most likely too high. Our regular marketing was 7% of sales and they made a suggestion that we raise our prices to the level of our competition. After long debate, we did. It was the right move. After you calculate in both the increase to our margin and our massive volume increase, we did 85% our our previous years business in 8 weeks!, working with Rob’s team didn’t cost us anything and more than paid for itself. Lesson we learned – Wish we had done it sooner. Trudy and Lorne – happily retired 🙂



Social Analytics 

Productivity, Business

We keep track of what is working for us and we share it with you. We want to ensure success on our end translates to success on your end too so we are big fans of the FULL FUNNEL MARKETING concept. We WIN through your RESULTS, so we’re truly in this together.


What We Offer 

We talk with you to build an understanding of your business model and your goals as well as set an realistic expectation regarding your Marketing Strategy. 


Our plan is simple. We don’t do contracts. We prepare the work a month ahead of time and all we ask is a months notice before we stop. You can stop, pause, start again. Simple


We recommend a strategy based on our past success and your current position in the market. We find if we generate leads for a company, they keep us. Understandable. So our first move is usually to get a branding and lead gen campaign out there. 


We take the data we get from the campaign and the numbers you get from your sales and we keep moving the needle to track our success. Quite often it is not our plan to work harder, but to work smarter.


Although we don’t need to monitor your sales, we want to be excited when you have a win. That’s our win too! So, we set up a communication channel between all necessary staff members.


We are always around. We communicate through email, video, phone, video chat and a messaging service we will setup between our companies.

Data backups

One of our big goals is to get you a following. If you choose to do Email Platforms, we will save copies of your customers lists. Should you lose info in the future. We’ve got your back.


Once a month we will send out a report detailing the results we had for the previous month and we will start to benchmark our success based on our gains with you. 

Posts that Win

Our strategy for your social media campaigns is not to be blasting the platform with lots of random info. It’s to be seen and understood. We all have friends on Social Media that post 15 times a day screaming ME! ME! ME! They talk so much that nobody listens. Let’s not be that person.


We keep the message on all platforms consistent. If you are running a promotion, we keep in check with you. Simple.


Average Marketing Expense to sales

Years in Marketing

We did a lot of traditional marketing and it was ok. This is the first time we have ever had a real strategy behind the marketing. A few months after working with Rob’s team, I had to tell them to slow down because I couldn’t keep up with all the new leads and jobs. We’re booked solid months out now and we’ve brought on new staff to take on more business. 

John W, Owner Ciri Construction Corp

“It really feels like the team is working within the walls of our business. Logistically it just made more sense for us to outsource our marketing to someone with experience. We have a real good relationship with the team. Quite often after a big week we will be on the sales floor talking about how happy the Hotwash guys are gonna be. Can’t recommend them enough. Truly they are our team.”

Harold U, R+W 

Already Know the Details of Your Project?

If you have some ideas and you want someone to execute them, lets talk. Once we understand what your going for we can take it on for you. 

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