Frequently Asked Question

IS there an Upfront fee for a strategy call?

No. We are interested in getting to know your needs and your current business model. Our belief is this is a partnership. Ideas are FREE! We all Learn Together.

How much do I need to spend to start?

Every Marketing Strategy is as unique as every business. Most companies wish to start with a budget they are comfortable with and plans get more involved as we monitor the Return On Income of successful advertising campaigns.

Will I see Immediate Results?

Some Marketing Campaigns do see Immediate Results. Lead Generation Campaigns see results very quickly while Local SEO, and Email Campaigns, although may eventually produce a higher ROI, take longer to get traction. 

Do you have contracts?

Most of our work is done on a case by case or month by month basis. The exception being SEO. SEO takes longer to engage and we will do a FREE Audit to set expectations with you for it. ALL we ask is 30 days notice to stop any campaign. 

Do you farm out the work OVerseas?

No. We are a Hands-On Marketing Team. We do the work and we are ALL North American Native English Speakers. None of our SEO content work is done by second language learners.

Do you do a Free SEO audit?

We absolutely do. It’s a great place to start.

Are you just a digital marketing agency?

No. Although we have the tools to do Digital Marketing, we have a strong understanding of TV, Radio, Billboard and Print and our recommendations for a Marketing Plan are based on our clients success. Not on our skillset. Our only goal is our partners success.

How Do you measure the success of campaigns?

What gets measured gets managed. We work with our clients to push towards conversions. Although we do not enforce a CRM into our Clients Business’s, we are proactively excited when they win. 

How can you help conversions?

We understand the Full Funnel Marketing Concept. Our belief is that Marketing Strategies should walk hand in hand with Conversions. 

How Much does all this cost?

It’s a loaded question. We are upfront about pricing but we don’t offer a service we won’t have success for. It’s a waste of your money and our time. We can honestly say that our customers have told us we are less expensive than our competitors. Our goal is not to be the cheapest but to be effective. We love what we do and we are ready to prove it.

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