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We Manage Professional Going Out of Business Promotions, Retirement Sales, Store Closing Sales and High Impact Sales Events in the Retail Furniture Industry.



High Impact Sales

You can attain higher than 300%, and at least 100%, of your business’ annual volume in 90 days. You can expect; IMMEDIATE RESULTS, INCREASED CASH FLOW, NEW CUSTOMERS TO ADD TO YOUR BASE, BALANCED INVENTORIES, and HIGH VISIBILITY. We work with you to Choose a Promotional Plan that works for you: Store Closing, Temporary Store Closing/Relocation, Remodeling, Inventory Reduction, Month-Long Madness, or Retirement/Going Out Of Business Sale. Your event and sale plan will be Custom Designed to address and exceed your specific goals.

Going Out Of Business Sale

The Ultimate Promotion in terms of Results! You have a good reputation? Market is not what it was and neither are shopping patterns. Take advantage of your Goodwill in the community and close with Dignity. We’ve had Going Out of Business Promotions do over 500% of their annual sales. Our Target is 300% in 3 months.

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Promotional Sale

Achieve maximize results without actually going out of business. And we will work with you ongoing to grow your customer base. Promotional Sales can expect 200% of annual sales in a 90 Day Period but we have seen it go much, much higher.

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Custom Designed Promotion

All Promotions are in one way or another Customized for each store, but we can also Customize the Length of the Campaign. For Example, we’ve run Month-Long Madness Campaigns to boost slow sales and help with getting New Hires transition in a Traffic Heavy atmosphere.

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We are Management Consultants with a focus on YOUR BOTTOM LINE. Our goal is not to sell your inventory items below cost. We partner with you to assist you in handling the massive volume and traffic that a High Impact Sale delivers. We have trained consultants that know how to professionally conduct a Retail Sales Floor. We work with you to put systems, marketing and staff in place to handle the workload. You gain greater net profits from a High Impact Sale. 


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